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So you want to help with Contempt?

First, be sure to read our mission statement. Contempt is brought to life by an informally-organized committee of volunteers. You can be part of our group simply by attending occasional meetings and contributing your talents. The most important things that Contempt needs people to do are:

We can *always* use more help in this area. Get passes and give them out at clubs, stores and to friends. Provide announcements of our events to any appropriate media outlets: radio shows, 'zines, internet newsgroups, websites, blogs and e-mail lists. Passes are generally available for pick-up at the meetings.
Subscribe to the discussion list (see below) and let us know where you're going to be promoting (clubs, stores, parties, shows, etc.) so we know what's been covered. Mark your passes and if 5 of them are returned at the door, you get comped for the next event.
You can also help promote Contempt by linking your website to us. Let us know that you are doing so, and we will add a link to your website as well. To link to us, feel free to link directly to our website address:, or our Facebook group.

Help Run the Night
Work the door, decorate, set-up, clean-up, production...and become a member of the Contempt committee. The only prerequisite to becoming a member is that you attend a committee meeting. The discussion list is the source for meeting announcements, as we don't have meetings every week. If you would like to join the committee, introduce yourself in a brief e-mail to our e-list moderator for more details.

Guest DJ
There are a couple of things to consider. First, Contempt is brought to life every month by an all-volunteer crew. Yes, this includes our DJs. Also, when selecting our guest DJs, we give preference to those who regularly attend Contempt.

Still interested? Please contact
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