Contempt Playlist for 09/06

Guest DJ Frankie Teardrop in the Lounge

>no rest- new model army
>demystification- zounds
>feed me to the lions- adam and the ants
>hand in hand- xmal deutschland
>hitherto- cocteau twins
>the voice- boys next door
>all that money wants- psychedelic furs
>ricky's hand- fad gadget
>like an animal- the glove
>christian says- tones on tail
>rescue- echo and the bunnymen
>sex beat- gun club
>gary gilmore's eyes- the adverts
>ain't you- kleenex/liliput
>life in the gladhouse- modern english
>electra descending- christian death
>me, i disconnect from you- tubeway army
>jewel (remix)- cranes
>the light pours out of me- magazine
>beauty in poison (12'' version)- specimen
>santonin kiss- requiem in white
>raping a slave- swans
>order for order- colin newman
>arabian knights- siouxsie and the banshees
>garbage man- the cramps
>pagan lovesong- virgin prunes


DJ Subvert on the Dance Floor

Setlist Unavailable