Contempt Playlist for 11/14/09

Frankie Teardrop [In the Lounge]: Slowdive- Brighter (R) The Essence- Fire Opera Multi Steel- Un Freud Seoul Moev- Rotting Geraniums Anne Clark- Sleeper In Metropolis Nash the Slash- Dance After Curfew OMD- Bunker Soldiers Experimental Products- Golden Hours Bal Paré- Die Idioten Jeunesse Fantôme- Ksiezyc --- Trisomie 21- The Last Song Yazoo- Goodbye Seventies (R) Data-Bank-A- Stress Factor Swans- Love Will Tear Us Apart (R) Led Er Est- Port Isabel Portion Control- Raise the Pulse (remix) Wire- Ahead (R) Nightmoves- Transdance Jeff and Jane Hudson- Pound Pound Eleven Pond- Watching Trees Little Nemo- City Lights (Long Way) Absolute Body Control- So Obvious Icehouse- Uniform Clan of Xymox- Obsession (R) Xeno and Oaklander- Preuss --- The Human League- Beng Boiled Asylum Party- Play Alone (R) Blacklist- Daybreak B-Movie- Remembrance Days (remix) Days of Sorrow- I Travel Car Crash Set- Outsider (R) Depeche Mode- Tora Tora Tora! Pink Industry- Cowboy Track Section 25- Looking From A Hilltop (Restructure) Second Glance- Shackles and Chains Visage- Visage John Foxx- My Wild Love Samedi- Between Two Hearts Psyche- Prisoner To Desire Skinny Puppy- Assimilate (R) Fockewulf 190- Gitano Random Factor- Broken Mirror (Italo Version) Mark Lane- Who’s Really Listening? The Maxx- Cocaine Mistress McCutchan [In the Lounge] Leftfield- Swords Camouflage- Confusion The Cure- Just One Kiss T.A.C.- The Rising Of The Current Rome- Wir Gotter der Stadt Collide- Haunted When The Minutes Drag Simple Minds- The American (full version) Bag Raiders- Shooting Star Images In Vogue- Nothing Stays Erasure- In My Arms --- Duchess Says- Black Flag Plastic Bertrand vs. Frigid- Machine! Sexbeat- Sexbeat I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness- According To Plan The Big Pink- Too Young To Love Lene Lovich- Lucky Number OMD- Enola Gay Ruth- Mots Dream Into Dust- Suspended In Fear Cabaret Voltaire- Sex Money Freaks Cicada- Same Old Scene Belfegore- Love The Bolshoi- Books on the Bonfire --- Arcadia- Keep Me In The Dark The Big Pink- Velvet The Passions- I’m In Love With A German Film Star Glass Candy- Rolling Down the Hill Prince- Purple Rain (R)