Contempt Playlist for 11/16/01


DJ Cypher
11:00:34PMAgenda SuicideThe Faint
11:03:57PMStand BackBeauty for Ashes
11:08:44PMRewireNecromantik Sunshine
11:13:42PMFatal ErrorInfact
11:18:21PMEverything CountsYendri
11:28:19PMWhite WallsNVMPH
11:28:31PMFight the SaucermenGoteki
11:36:27PMHaunted HouseSPF 1000
DJ Subvert
11:43:18PMThe Want (existence/nonexistence)Android Lust
11:51:57PMKill or CureCubanate
11:55:38PMDying Culture:Wumpscut:
11:59:39PMAnnie, Would I Lie to YouIris
12:07:30AMNever Trust a KlingonS.P.O.C.K.
12:10:42AMFearSiouxsie and the Banshees
12:14:53AMShe's in PartiesBauhaus
12:18:14AMRepeat ItIcon of Coil
12:27:54AMStrategy of ViolenceNoise Unit
12:33:14AMAddiction (remix)Skinny Puppy
DJ Cypher
12:40:05AMDa Ya Think I'm Sexy?Revolting Cocks
12:45:10AMGun LoverAcumen
12:50:10AMLiliesThe Cranes
12:54:32AMFuck It UpPigface
12:57:24AMToday is the DayIvory Frequency
1:10:06AMMurderousNitzer Ebb
1:13:27AMGravitronAtomic Box
1:18:01AMThe Hanging GardenThe Cure
1:23:15AMLucretia My ReflectionThe Sisters of Mercy
1:26:20AMWitchhuntInkubus Sukubus
1:31:07AMFunhouseOut of the Blue
1:35:45AMSpiritual CrampChristian Death
DJ Subvert
1:43:16AMFacerX Marks the Pedwalk
1:45:00AMHellraiserSuicide Commando
1:49:20AMSick Asp FuckPigface
1:52:25AMPop Will Eat ItselfIch Bin Ein Auslander
2:00:49AMWackMindless Self Indulgence
2:02:49AMWhat's on Your MindInformation Society
2:07:26AMKathy's SongApoptygma Berzerk
2:11:14AMFürAnd One
2:15:06AMLove's Secret DomainCoil
2:18:59AMMountain SongJane's Addiction
2:25:05AMDragnet's DragPeter Murphy
2:27:59AMLegionVNV Nation
2:33:51AMDance or DiePsychoburbia
DJ Cypher
2:37:41AMTalk Dirty to MePoison
2:41:39AMStand and DeliverAdam Ant
2:45:06AMHow Soon Is Now?Love Spit Love
2:48:57AMSuper Bon BonSoul Coughing
2:55:07AMBitchesMindless Self Indulgence
3:00:39AMBela Lugosi's DeadXPQ-21
3:07:51AMWallflowerSwitchblade Symphony
3:10:56AMPlay of LightJudith
3:14:17AMEverything Must PerishFront Line Assembly
DJ Subvert
3:24:25AMJuke Joint JezebelKMFDM
3:24:55AMCarrionProject Pitchfork
3:33:12AMSour TimesPortishead
3:37:19AMFrozen SkyCevin Key
3:40:42AMKingdomVNV Nation
3:46:17AMTrust YouMesh
3:49:33AMMarilyn My BitternessThe CruxShadows
3:57:08AMAnd Then...Skazi

67 total songs:
33 requests, 5 byocd, 3 local bands