Contempt Playlist for 05/16/08

DJ Frankie Teardrop in the Lounge

1. pavillion- lives of angels
2. christine- house of love
3. pound pound- jeff & jane hudson
4. after all- pink turns blue
5. the last song- trisomie 21
6. otto's song- cockatoo
7. satisfied- chromagain
8. another girl- screaming for emily
9. madman- snowy red
10. eisbar- grauzone

11. evergreen- into a circle
12. no tears- adult.
13. windscreen- martial canterel
14. being boiled- the human league
15. rules & regulations- fuzzbox
16. pocket calculator- kraftwerk
17. russian roulette- lords of the new church
18. enola gay- omd
19. tora tora tora- depeche mode
20. mirage- siouxsie and the banshees

21. electra descending- christian death
22. the hunt- new model army
23. one thousand nights- the hunt
24. dumb waiters- psychedelic furs
25. lay there and drown- weep
26. big mess- devo
27. sleeping beauty- dandi wind
28. fan and the bellows- the chameleons
29. heaven is waiting- danse society
30. broken promise- new order

31. into the abyss- tobias bernstrup
32. new shocks- the brides
33. engineering (cubed)- stiffs inc.
34. alien baby- sex gang children (R)
35. black planet- sisters of mercy (R)
36. systems of romance- john foxx
37. awful day- neon judgement
38. looking from a hilltop (restructure)- section 25
39. white coats- new model army (R)
40. muscoviet mosquito- clan of xymox

41. the birth- xno
42. fade to grey- visage
43. telegram sam- bauhaus
44. the walk- the cure
45. (do the) empty house- comsat angels
46. heart + soul- joy division
47. release the bats- the birthday party
48. king of the flies- fad gadget
49. life in the gladhouse- modern english
50. holy moly- bunnydrums

51. svetlana- xex (R)
52. don't fall- the chameleons (R)
53. rescue- echo & the bunnymen
54. celeste- xeno & oaklander
55. kebab traume- deutsch-amerikanische freundschaft (R)
56. voudou- sleepmask
57. dawn of the idols- blacklist
58. video killer- funeral crashers
59. secret key- bell hollow
60. michelle- clan of xymox (R)

61. a game- moldig
62. falling- the royal family and the poor
63. aphrodite- sixteens
64. here come cowboys- psychedelic fiurs (R)
65. polaroid roman photo- ruth (R)
66. misery- epee du bois
67. pure joy in my heart- asylum party (R)
68. love at the first sight- absolute body control
69. down in the park- tubeway army (R)
70. beautiful losers- clock dva

71. so far away- low sunday ghost machine (R)
72. one man's meat- fad gadget (R)
73. contort yourself- james chance & the contortions (R)
74. the flowers of romance- public image ltd.
75. cadavres exquis (howard song)- little nemo
76. norma loy
77. performance- tones on tail
78. open your eyes- lords of the new church (R)
79. garlands- cocteau twins
80. hot on the heels of love- throbbing gristle

81. louise- clan of xymox (R)
82. jewel (robert smith remix)- cranes
83. disintegration- the cure (R)
84. enjoy the silence- depeche mode (R)
85. the passenger- siouxsie & the banshees (R)
86. glass houses- skinny puppy (R)
87. love comes quickly- pet shop boys (R)

DJ Subvert on the Dancefloor

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