Contempt Playlist for 01/25/08

DJ Subvert on the Dancefloor

Not Available


DJ Frankie Teardrop on the Dancefloor

set 1:
1. quiet life- japan
2. ami-amant- opera de nuit
3. (don't fear) the reaper- clint ruin & lydia lunch
4. moving hands- the klinik
5. you- boytronic
6. ahead- wire
7. the fire- the sound
8. tears run rings- marc almond
9. push- the cure
10. new shocks- the brides

set 2:
1. kick in the eye- bauhaus
2. warm leatherette- the normal
3. inconvenience- au pairs
4. are friends electric?- tubeway army
5. cities in dust- siouxsie and the banshees (R)
6. sex dwarf- soft cell (R)
7. incubus succubus II- xmal deutschland
8. west end girls- pet shop boys
9. you don't own me- klaus nomi (R)

set 3:
1. goodbye horses- q lazzarus
2. apotemnophilia- dandi wind
3. cat house- danielle dax
4. spinning 'round- red lorry yellow lorry (R)
5. nothing- depeche mode
6. freedom of choice- devo
7. language of the living dead- blacklist
8. so alive- love & rockets
9. all that money wants- psychedelic furs
10. carolyn's fingers- cocteau twins (R)
11. panic- the smiths (R)
12. she's lost control (12'')- joy division
13. collapsing new people- fad gadget (R)
14. mr. clarinet- the birthday party (R)
15. kick!- adam & the ants
16. love is the slug- fuzzbox (R)
17. alex chilton- the replacements
18. fait accompli- curve