Contempt Playlist for 02/17/07

DJ Mistress McCutchan in the Lounge

Tears & Chocolate - The Offering
Beautiful Dream - Backworld
Elysium - Claire Voyant
Lorelei - Cocteau Twins
Into My Arms - Deine Lakaien
Nocturn - Kate Bush
Seven Valleys - Stellamara
Prana - Kama Sutra
Even Now - Autumn
Focus & Breathe - Cranes
Moonlife - Dalis Car
Waves - The Mirror Reveals
Center of the Sun - Conjure One
No Words - Clan of Xymox (request)
Master & Servant - Depeche Mode
Souls in Ice - Project Pitchfork
A Happy Death - Strange Boutique
Nemesis - Shriekback
Lament - Christian Death (request)
My Alcoholic Friends - The Dresden Dolls
Jack the Ripper - Nick Cave
Burn - The Cure
Wicked - Switchblade Symphony (request)
In a Dark Place - Gary Numan
Enigma - Cut Rate Box
Open Your Eyes - Lords of the New Church
Lucky Number - Lene Lovich
Flashback - Danielle Dax
Deep Water - Strawberry Switchblade
Bedbugs & Ballyhoo - Echo & the Bunnymen
Say - The Creatures
Desire (Come & Get It) - Gene Loves Jezebel
Puss 'n' Boots - Adam Ant
No New Tale To Tell - Love & Rockets
You Move Me - The Comsat Angels (request)
Strangers Thoughts - Camouflage
We Love You (12" version) - OMD
In The Name Of Love - Thompson Twins
Happy Place - Jesus & Mary Chain
Shadow of Love - The Damned
Love of Life - Swans (request)
Like A Hurricane - The Mission
Soul in Isolation - The Chameleons
Under the Milky Way - The Church
King in a Catholic Style - China Crisis
The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight- Dominatrix
So Careful (Extended Mix) - Images in Vogue
Books on the Bonfire - The Bolshoi
Go! - Tones on Tail
The Body - P.I.L.
Panic - Coil
Cyberspider - Tear Garden
Kino (12") - Cabaret Voltaire
Hard Times/Love Action - Human League
Heaven - Psychedelic Furs
Perfect - The The
If You Loved Me At All - Julian Cope
Birds Fly - Icicle Works
Heart and Soul - Joy Division
He's Read - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Big Neon Glitter - The Cult
Jacky Cane - Hooverphonic
Imagination - Belouis Some
Tell Tale - Specimen
Spellbound - Siouxsie & the Banshees
Lost in the Supermarket - The Clash
Loose Your Love (extended) - Blancmange
Crash - Flesh for Lulu
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - Morrissey
Purple Rain - Prince


DJ Subvert on the Dancefloor

Not Available

Hi-Fi Hillary on the Dancefloor

DE/VISION dress me when i bleed
STRANGE BOUTIQUE quicksand minds
DEAD CAN DANCE a passage in time
THE CULT love [R]
AND ONE body company (club mix)
DIE WARZAU body bag
COMBICHRIST get your body beat
NITZER EBB let your body learn
KMFDM godlike/doglike
RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE biting my nails
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO i got the fear
MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT do you fear for your child
COVENANT the men
:WUMPSCUT: all cried out
YAZ bring your love down
DEPECHE MODE get the balance right
SISTERS OF MERCY the body electric
CABARET VOLTAIRE nag nag nag (tiga & zyntherius mix)
ASYLUM PARTY pure joy in my heart
BLACKLIST language of the living dead
D.A.F. der mussolini
SKINNY PUPPY worlock [R]
BELL HOLLOW sons of the burgess shale
CLICK CLICK yakutska
CLAN OF XYMOX be my friend
STROMKERN stand up
COMBICHRIST this shit will fuck you up [R