Contempt Playlist for 12/28/07

DJ Frankie Teardrop on the Dancefloor

set 1:
1. the wake- theatre of hate
2. into you like a train- psychedelic furs
3. since yesterday- strawberry switchblade
4. shake your head- adult.
5. stranger (remix)- xymox
6. leave in silence- depeche mode
7. glass houses- skinny puppy
8. performance (7'')- tones on tail

set 2:
1. language of the living dead- blacklist
2. surround- tobias bernstrup
3. rain- the cult
4. black flag- duchess says
5. the walk- the cure
6. biddings- dandi wind
7. (do the) empty house- the comsat angels
8. jewel (robert smith remix)- cranes
9. skin- front 242

set 3:
1. life in laralay- love & rockets
2. slowdive- siouxsie & the banshees
3. in fear of fear- bauhaus
4. sex dwarf- soft cell
5. god's zoo- death cult (r)
6. cry for love- iggy pop
7. fuerio!- einsturzende neubauten
8. after the flesh- my life with the thrill kill kult
9. garlands- cocteau twins (r)

mini-set 4:
1. requiem- killing joke (r)
2. heart and soul- joy division

set 5:
1. this is not a love song- public image ltd.
2. king of the flies- fad gadget
3. life in a gladhouse- modern english
4. damaged goods- gang of four
5. up the down escalator- the chameleons
6. lips like sugar (single version)- echo & the bunnymen (r)
7. open your eyes- lords of the new church
8. shake the disease- depeche mode (r)
9. vagabonds- new model army (r)

DJ Subvert on the Dancefloor

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