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Contempt is a unique club event.

Created well over a decade ago to inject new life and vitality into the NYC Gothic and Industrial scene, Contempt is a not-for-profit venture. The many people who have made it a reality do so purely out of their love for the scene, not from any other motive.

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was fun and never pretentious. This is reflected in our attitude towards requests (we actually play them!) and in our unprecendented BYOCD policy. There is no dress code for Contempt -- we have no pretensions that people needs to look a certain way to appreciate our club.

The cost at the door is minimal. $5 with pass, $7 without. This charge pays for the event itself: for security, passes, decorations, giveaways, and the rental of the space. Due to this, there is no comp or guest list. The Contempt staff makes no profit from the event. We participate purely on a volunteer basis. The money used to start Contempt came from contributions by people who love the scene and were afraid of it dying out. Any money that is made from Contempt events goes back into making it a better party.

Anyone willing to contribute ideas, time and effort is welcome to join us and help out with our endeavors. Please join the email list for meeting announcements.

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