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It is with both great pride and a heavy heart that Contempt! announces that our upcoming 15-year Anniversary Party will be our FINAL event. The social experiment called Contempt has come to an end. Contempt grew in response to the needs of a very different era in the dark underground of NYC--the mid-1990s--an era of megaclubs and exclusive door policies and precious few of the intimate, community-grown parties that had attracted us to the scene in the first place.

By 1998, a group of friends had grown tired of hearing each other complain about the State of the Scene, so we set out to create OUR perfect party, the one we couldn't find among the listings at that time. One that took the profit motive entirely out of the equation and replaced it with a sense of community bonding and service to the scene. Never in our wildest dreams did any of Contempt's founders believe the organization would still be hosting events 15 years later.

We're proud of the contributions we have made and of the innovative, DIY spirit we've inspired. Support for our mission has never stopped--support not only in the form of dollars at the door but also in the form of a continuous stream of volunteers dedicated to maintaining our vision of an open, inclusive scene. During our tenure--from our early art installations in the Mother basement to the Contempt! 'zine, and from the merchant tables at our large-scale special events to our Contempt:Live parties--our success has allowed us to create opportunities for scores of local bands, artists, and merchants to gain exposure in the community.

Today, there is no shortage of independent dark events lead by passionate, hard-working people who put the scene first and profits and ego second. Events with their own identities and unique following. We consider this a Mission: Accomplished.

We leave behind a very different scene, one that is still imperfect but with very different needs than the ones our organization was created to respond to in 1998. So it's time to step aside and make room for the next generation of innovators. We sincerely hope our success and longevity will inspire a new group of people to come together and find their own way to respond to those unique needs. We built Contempt on the bonds of friendship, a handful of $20 donations, and a volunteer, nonprofit, scene-focused, committee-driven mentality. It wasn't rocket science. It was a labor of love. And it can be done again, starting today.

But as for Contempt!--it's time to hang up our boots, so to speak. Our 15-Year Anniversary/Farewell Party is to be held on SATURDAY, 20 JULY, at a gorgeous, much larger venue, where we can pull out all the stops. So mark your calendars now and watch our website,, for details, including ticket presales. We look forward to enjoying one last dance with ALL the friends we've met along the way.

With sincerest gratitude, The Contempt! Organization
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